Monday, November 10, 2014

Next Meeting.....November 11th UNBROKEN

Let's talk about books!  November's meeting will entail a conversation about the book by Laura Hillenbrand, UNBROKEN.  We'll be meeting at Becky's Coffee Corner at 6pm.

To further your motivation to read the book, check out Hillenbrand's own summary of inspiration for writing her novel;

The Story of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Eight years ago, an old man told me a story that took my breath away. His name was Louie Zamperini, and from the day I first spoke to him, his almost incomprehensibly dramatic life was my obsession.
It was a horse--the subject of my first book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend--who led me to Louie. As I researched the Depression-era racehorse, I kept coming across stories about Louie, a 1930s track star who endured an amazing odyssey in World War II. I knew only a little about him then, but I couldn’t shake him from my mind. After I finished Seabiscuit, I tracked Louie down, called him and asked about his life. For the next hour, he had me transfixed.
Growing up in California in the 1920s, Louie was a hellraiser, stealing everything edible that he could carry, staging elaborate pranks, getting in fistfights, and bedeviling the local police. But as a teenager, he emerged as one of the greatest runners America had ever seen, competing at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where he put on a sensational performance, crossed paths with Hitler, and stole a German flag right off the Reich Chancellery. He was preparing for the 1940 Olympics, and closing in on the fabled four-minute mile, when World War II began. Louie joined the Army Air Corps, becoming a bombardier. Stationed on Oahu, he survived harrowing combat, including an epic air battle that ended when his plane crash-landed, some six hundred holes in its fuselage and half the crew seriously wounded.
On a May afternoon in 1943, Louie took off on a search mission for a lost plane. Somewhere over the Pacific, the engines on his bomber failed. The plane plummeted into the sea, leaving Louie and two other men stranded on a tiny raft. Drifting for weeks and thousands of miles, they endured starvation and desperate thirst, sharks that leapt aboard the raft, trying to drag them off, a machine-gun attack from a Japanese bomber, and a typhoon with waves some forty feet high. At last, they spotted an island. As they rowed toward it, unbeknownst to them, a Japanese military boat was lurking nearby. Louie’s journey had only just begun.
That first conversation with Louie was a pivot point in my life. Fascinated by his experiences, and the mystery of how a man could overcome so much, I began a seven-year journey through his story. I found it in diaries, letters and unpublished memoirs; in the memories of his family and friends, fellow Olympians, former American airmen and Japanese veterans; in forgotten papers in archives as far-flung as Oslo and Canberra. Along the way, there were staggering surprises, and Louie’s unlikely, inspiring story came alive for me. It is a tale of daring, defiance, persistence, ingenuity, and the ferocious will of a man who refused to be broken.
The culmination of my journey is my new book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. I hope you are as spellbound by Louie’s life as I am.

Here is our updated schedule (all months are currently OPEN to sign up for hosting for the year of 2015);

When: November 11th
Book: Unbroken
Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Host: Nicole Thomas

When: December 9th
Book: A Christmas Carol
Author: Charles Dickens
Host: Jill Hobbs

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Next Meeting...October 14th

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 14th.  The meeting time will start at 6 and go until about 7:30pm.  The book selection will be; The Shoemaker's Wife by Adiana Trigiani.  Nona Gall will be our gracious host. 

For those interested in the author, the book choice, or the other books written by this Adriana Trigiani, please check out her website;

See below for a collection of editorial reviews on; The Shoemaker's Wife;

“This expansive epic, which seems tailor-made for a miniseries, manages to feel both old-fashioned and thoroughly contemporary…[an] irresistible love story.” (Booklist)

“Trigiani’s gift for using vivid details to create a strong sense of place and her warm affection for her characters will make this a satisfying read for her many fans.” (Library Journal)

…an old-fashioned, romantic tale of two star-tangled lovers...but also a paean to artisanal work, food, friendship and family…Trigiani is a master of palpable and visual detail. (Washington Post)

Here is the current line-up for the remainder of 2014;

When:November 11th
Book: Unbroken
Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Host: Nicole Thomas

When: December 9th
Book: A Christmas Carol
Author: Charles Dickens
Host: Jill Hobbs

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Page Turner Book Club Update

For the month of June (June 10th) we met to discuss the book entitled; Innocence by Dean Koontz.  Our host was Mary Thomas.  A dark, but brain picking book provided a selection of topics to discuss that evening.  Well worth the read!

Our upcoming meeting will be held on the evening of July 8th at 6pm at Becky's Coffee Corner.  We will be discussing The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.  Our host will be Celeste' Lynn.  Compared to Grimm's Fairy Tales this book supplies imaginative twists and combines classic stories while providing an intriguing fantasy story running parallel with the "real world" during WWII.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is scheduled for discussion on August 12th (Arlene Rucker) and for September 9th's meeting we will converse the book, I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai (Sheri Wilkins).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Next Meeting: May 13th, Next Book: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Our next meeting will be held on May 13th (second Tuesday of the month) at Becky's Coffee Corner in Prosser, WA  Our meeting starts at 6pm and will go until about 7:30.  The book of the evening will be The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  Our host of the evening will be Mrs. Rosita Massie.  Please join us for some good ole' book discussion, conversation, and great company!

“It's graceful and real, a compulsively readable story of three women who watch the Mississippi ground shifting beneath their feet as the words of men like Martin Luther King Jr. and Bob Dylan pervade their genteel town. When folks at your book club wonder what to read next month, go on and pitch this wholly satisfying novel with confidence. A-“
Entertainment Weekly

"[A] wise, poignant novel...You'll catch yourself cheering out loud."
People Magazine (3.5 out of 4 stars)

"[A] story with heart and hope...A good old fashioned novel"
New York Daily News

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 8th's Meeting

We're meeting this upcoming Tuesday, April 8th, at 6pm, at Becky's Coffee Corner.  The focus of the evening will be on the book, Don't Let's Go to the Dog's Tonight by Alexandra Fuller.  The host for the night will be Nicole Thomas.

“This is not a book you read just once, but a tale of terrible beauty to get lost in over and over.” —Newsweek

“By turns mischievous and openhearted, earthy and soaring . . . hair-raising, horrific, and thrilling.”—The New Yorker

“Ms. Fuller gives us . . . the Africa she knew as a girl, a place of cruel politics, violent heat and startling beauty, a land she makes vivid in all its ‘incongruous, lawless, joyful, violent, upside-down, illogical certainty.’” —The New York Times

“Vivid, insightful and sly . . . Bottom line: Out of Africa, brilliantly.”—People

Monday, February 17, 2014

March's Upcoming Meeting

Next up....
On March 11th our meeting will entail discussion about the book;
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
The Fault in Our Stars.jpg

We'll meet at Becky's Coffee Corner in Prosser at 6pm. Nona Gall will be our host for this evening's discussion.
Please be sure to come early to grab a sweet tea or a mocha from Becky's services!

The Fault In Our Stars is a narrated story told by a sixteen year old girl named Hazel who is living with cancer.  Characters in the story are intertwined by a cancer support group enabling them to cross paths and endure the intense and complex ride of cancer together.  Revealed in it's raw form, cancer inevitably touches their life and their relationships. 

The Fault in Our Stars is a love story, one of the most genuine and moving ones in recent American fiction, but it’s also an existential tragedy of tremendous intelligence and courage and sadness.” —Lev Grossman, TIME Magazine

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ameritopia by Mark Levin

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of the month, February 11th @ 6pm.  The meeting will take place at Becky’s Coffee Corner in Prosser.

The evening will include conversations about the book;

Ameritopia by Mark Levin
Rosita Massie will be the host of this evening's book selection.

Please join us to discuss this book about the founding of our country, where we have come from and where we are heading. 
Be sure to come a tad early, before the meeting starts, to grab a warm beverage from Becky in preparation for this cozy (and friendly) conversation!

“A must-read for Americans of all political persuasions. . . . An honest discussion of the dangers presently facing our country. . . . Levin does a fantastic job.”

—Jedediah Bila, Newsmax

“That Levin wrote this book now demonstrates not only his passion for the United States, but his awareness that he is a statesman defending natural law at a pivotal moment in human history. . . . Mark Levin [does] the lion’s share of our shouting—eloquently—with Ameritopia.”

—PJ Media
--This text refers to the Hardcover edition