Sunday, August 16, 2015

Next Meeting...September 8th ~THINGS THAT MATTER ~ by Charles Krauthammer

Hello Readers!

Please join us on September 8th for our next meeting.  We'll be joining together to discuss the nonfiction novel, Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer.  Our gracious host of the evening will be Nona Gall.  We'll be meeting at 6pm at Becky's Coffee Corner in Prosser.  Our meetings our faithfully held on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month and typically run from 6-7:30pm.

Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer.png

“The best American columnists make their British counterparts look like bumbling amateurs,but none of them writes with more sense,sensibility and sanity than the Washington Post’s Charles Krauthammer. Things That Matter, selected from a lifetime of writing, bears comparison with the greatest of American prose.” -Daniel Johnson, Standpoint
“Usually thought of as a conserva-tive, this syndicated columnist has won both the left-wing People for the American Way’s First Amendment Award and the right-wing Bradley Foundation’s first $250,000 Bradley Prize. Readers of all political persuasions will find plenty here that’s thought-provoking and worthwhile.” -Pittsburg Tribune-Review

“Krauthammer’s first collection in more than 20 years is a priceless introduction to the columnist’s writing. And for those who have thrilled at the sight of a Krauthammer byline for decades, Things That Matter is a window into the master polemicist’s habits of mind, heart, and technique.” -Matthew Continetti, Commentary

“For three decades, Charles Krauthammer has enriched American political discourse with his sharply-honed analysis, humane values, and questing mind.  From personal meditations to learned examinations of history and policy, Things That Matterstands as a record of a transformative period in the American experience, and a remarkable intellect at work.” -Henry A. Kissinger

“Charles Krauthammer is not only the most influential conservative commentator in America, his writing transcends the crush of daily events and can be read, with profit, always.” –David Brooks, New York Times columnist and bestselling author of The Social Animal
“Amid today’s clutter of print and cacophony of broadcast commentary, Charles Krauthammer’s lapidary judgments stand out, and stand the test of time. Literature has been called news that lasts. Krauthammer’s columns take journalism to the level of literature.” –George F. Will, Washington Post columnist



Here is a list of Charles’s published books;

Cutting edges: Making sense of the eighties by Charles Krauthammer (1985)

The Age of Obama By Charles Krauthammer

I'm also including a link to a documentary that was put on FOX news a couple of years ago, titled; "A Life That Matters", hosted by Bret Baier.  It's a 40 minutes long documentary honoring Charles, and truly gives you a glimpse of his personality, his life, and respectable wisdom.  You will also find an expansive selection of youtube videos featuring a host of additional interviews with him.  You may want to wait until after you've completed the book to appreciate the video library.  Or the offered videos may prompt you to read the book!  Whatever you'd prefer.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are you a member of The Page Turner Book Club?

It's pretty easy, really!

All you have to do is attend one meeting!  During that meeting you put your name on the email list and you'll automatically receive monthly reminders and announcements on upcoming meetings and club information via email. 

Many make the assumption that you have to attend every meeting to be a member, but you don't!!  You are free to pick and choose what meeting you'd like to come to.  You coming (or not coming) could be based purely on your book taste, convenience, or how tuckered you might be.  There's no commitment contract and no obligation.  You might find that you get bummed when you aren't able to make it! :)

Benefits include; enjoying a monthly evening surrounded by fellow book readers, gained perspectives, an opportunity to convey a respectful opinion (about the book at hand), a chance to sign up to host your book choice of the month, author book signing and speaking opportunities, introduction to new genres of books, and tasting yummy treats the host brings to share!

Hosting is no big deal!!  Technically you don't ever have to host.  There are some of us that haven't hosted yet.  BUT, there may be a book you're itching to share a conversation with someone about.  Hosting gives you an opportunity to introduce a book to fellow members, allow them (and yourself, if you haven't read the book yet) to read and prepare for an upcoming meeting, choose some questions to ask the club, and bring a treat you'd like to share and devour during the discussion. 

If you think there is ever a quiet moment.....THINK AGAIN!  I can't recollect, ever, of an awkward, quiet, "I don't have anything to say" moment.  There's enough people per meeting that show up to pick up any potential slack. 

Don't be intimidated by the unknown!  Usually, only about 4 to 6 of us show up per meeting.  But, there's probably about 10 of us total that consider ourselves faithful members.  We really are friendly and our conversations are respectable no matter who comes or what the topic  There's an understanding with all members (and is stated in "the rules/expectation) that respect must be shown to everyone and everyone's opinions.  Everyone is reliably considerate and we just ask from any newcomers that they return the consideration.  No one takes control and everyone gets a fair opportunity to speak if they feel comfortable to do so.  Some of us come even if we haven't read the book just so we can listen in!

We're a pretty friendly group and welcome new faces anytime!

Our very first meeting was in February of 2011.  Many of us have become great friends, some of us are still new.  Many members have come and gone, but books initially brought us together. 

Consider joining us, there's always an extra seat!!


Our next meeting, on July 14th, will feature a conversation about the book; A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler.  Our meetings begin at 6pm and are faithfully held on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month.  Sheri Wilkins will be our gracious and fun host during this meeting.

Please come and share your thoughts about the book or just gain insight and perspectives from a merry bunch of book loving' members!

Here is the updated monthly meeting line-up for the remainder of 2015;

Date:  July 14th
Book:  A Spool of Blue Thread
Host:  Sheri Wilkins

Date:  August 11th
Book:  The Hardest Peace
Host: Nicole Thomas

Date: September 8th
Book: Things That Matter
Host: Nona Gall

Date: October 13th
Book:  One Thousand Gifts
Host:  Celeste' Lynn

Date:  November 10th

Date:  December 8th
Book:  Joy Luck Club
Host:  Celeste' Lynn

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Next Meeting June 9th!

*The Things They Carried* by Tim O'Brien

Please join us for our next meeting!  It will be held at Becky's Coffee Corner in Prosser on June 9th.  Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

June's meeting will begin at 6pm and Ms. Celeste' Lynn will be our host of the night.

Last month on May 12th, all of us in attendance were able to share conversation about a beloved book, Peace Like a River by Leif Egger

I think we all left the meeting in unison of our minds warmed and filled by this well written story.  We were all fortunate to have Barb Shimek, all the way from Moses Lake, to host and share in the evening's discussion.

Next up...

Please make a note, that July 14th's meeting will feature the book; A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler. Ms. Sheri Wilkins will be the host of this novel.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A special evening with local author, Amy Sonnichsen

The Page Turner Book Club had the privilege of enjoying the company and conversation with local author of the RED BUTTERFLY, Amy Sonnichsen.


The evening of March 10th was a pleasant one.   TPTBC met at Becky's Coffee Corner at 6pm for our club meeting.  We had the pleasure of discussing Sonnichsen's book that we, as a group, had read prior to the book signing and discussion session.  We rarely are able to have a conversation with the actual author of our monthly book club selections, so you can imagine our anticipation and appreciation.

Amy, who possessed an upbeat personality offered an approachable manner and was easy to converse with.  We had the privilege of hearing stories behind the book, as well as how the role of writing has played in her life.  She shared her background about the time she lived in China which allowed her to reflect on her own understanding and experience.  We were able to get a glimpse of what contributed to the vivid, heartfelt story of the RED BUTTERFLY.  All the while, she graciously and gladly received all of our amateur book club questions.  :)


We all left the meeting feeling pretty lucky that we were able to sit in a "special seat" while relishing our guest of honor.  We left with gained insight behind the story as well as the unique experience of meeting a truly nice and talented individual.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BRAVA, VALENTINE by Adriana Trigiani ~ MEETING: April 14th

Please come join us to discuss Adriana Trigiani's sequel to Very, Valentine.

The Page Turner Book Club will be meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, April 14th.  We'll meet at Becky's Coffee Corner in Prosser at 6pm.  Our meetings typically wrap up by 7:30pm. 

Mrs. Rosita Massie will be our host for the evening.

Please note that Brava, Valentine aka Encore, Valentine are the same novel just different title. It is the second novel in the Valentine Trilogy Series. 

"[A] charming valentine to love, forgiveness, and family." (Publishers Weekly)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Join Us! ~ For our monthly book club meeting...AND a night with our local author, Amy Sonnichsen

The Page Turner Book Club will be gathering together on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, March 10th at 6pm.  Our conversation will be held at Becky's Coffee Corner in Prosser.  The "book of the night" will be Red Butterfly, written by Prosser's local author, Amy Sonnichsen.  As a special treat, Amy will be joining us from 7-8pm (for Becky's business closes at 8pm) to discuss her new book.  She'll be available for Q&A and for book signings.  WhooHoo!  We hope you'll join us for this special opportunity. 

"Sonnichsen’s sparse narrative in free verse moves Kara’s life along with deliberate sentiment, effort, and loyalty. Sympathetic readers will appreciate that Kara learns to build trust with those who demonstrate their compassion in constructive attempts to right some of the wrongs of her difficult beginnings." (Booklist)